Give your Family the Gift of Planning and Protection

Our goal at the Law Office of Amanda M. Rice is to make the estate planning process as seamless as possible. From initial intake to final document signing, the attorney will help you through the process. Our team is professional and flexible. We are here to help you prepare and protect your family. A comprehensive estate plan often times includes several of the following documents:


Living Trust

The foundation of an estate plan: avoids expensive and long probate process. Allows you to specify who will recieve property and take on the responsibility after your death.



Directs where property is to go and avoids conflict amongst family members.


Grant Deed

If you own a home(s), a deed is necessary to transfer the property into your trust.


Power of Attorney

Allows you to name the person who handles your finances and other affairs for you when you are no longer able.


Advance Medical Directives

Enables you to decide in advance about life support, organ donation, cremation or burial, and other health care matters. Also, allows you to name the person who makes medical decisions for you when you are no longer able.


Guardianship Nominations for Minor Children

Allows you to name the people you would like to care for your children should the unthinkable happen.


Supplemental Documents

Depending on your particular situation, additional documents may be needed to appropriately protect all your assets, including: business provisions, firearms trusts, notice of assignment, etc.