The "Accidental Felony"


The National Firearms Act regulates how to possess, use and transfer firearms and whom can possess, use and transfer firearms and related accessories.


A violation of the National Firearms Act can carry up to $250,000 in fines and up to ten years in prison. The NFA can be violated by possession by a prohibited person, leaving a firearm to a minor child, unlawful transfer of a firearm or even committed without intent. In most cases, a violation of the NFA occurs without even knowing that an illegal act is being committed.


A gun trust can provide guidance to allow multiple people to use a firearm without committing a violation, prevent passing of a firearm to a prohibited person and can provide terms for the proper transportation of a firearm within the requirements of the law.


To help you navigate the law and understand how your gun trust works, you will receive guidance as to who constitutes a "prohibited person" and how to properly transfer firearms. Additionally, if you plan to leave firearms to minors, a gun trust will provide specific provisions for the holding of your firearms until the intended beneficiary reaches lawful age.