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What sets us apart...

Focus. Law Office of Amanda M. Rice is a strictly transactional firm. We practice in the areas of estate planning and estate administration. By limiting the areas in which we practice, we are better able to provide you with expertise in certain fields.


Flexibility. Unlike most traditional Law Offices, we cater to the needs and abilities of our clients. The Law Office of Amanda M. Rice operates during normal business hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. Perhaps the most enticing feature of our firm is that we offer mobile appointments to all clients!


Flat Rate Pricing. Normal practice in the legal community is to charge clients on an hourly rate schedule. This can result in clients paying large sums to attorneys who charge billable hours to complete a task. Offices that operate with this traditional model charge clients for every telephone conversation, email and document they prepare.

Our office believes in transparency and therefore does not participate in billable hour charges. We charge flat fees for most tasks based upon the type of document or task to be completed. At a client's initial meeting, we will discuss the task at hand and give the cost of the work. You will never be presented with a bill for charges that were not initially agreed upon.  Pease call the office for more information on pricing.


Full Service. Law Office of Amanda M. Rice takes every client from inception to completion. Each client has direct contact to their attorney for any questions, any time; your matter will never be transferred to an associate attorney or paralegal. The attorney who you meet with is the only person you will have to deal with. No headaches or road blocks here!

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